Hello from Stacey!

Hi there! I’m Stacey, the owner of Stacey’s Custom Cakes. I have been baking nearly all my life, beginning with my grandparents teaching me to make chocolate chip cookies and cornbread as a toddler. With the love and support of many friends, I embarked on turning my passionate hobby into a professional reality in New Orleans in 2016. What a fun time it has been!


I personally want to welcome you to my kitchen, my bakery-laboratory. This is my home, where I can test recipes and discover new flavors to delight my clients. “Wait, clients not customers?” I hear you saying. I view each and every one of my customers as clients because I’m not interested in selling you a confection and hustling you out the door. My wish is that you will be so pleased with my craft, that you become a lifetime customer, perhaps even a multi-generational customer. That, my friend, is why I will never consider you a mere customer, but a true client.

From New Orleans to Jacksonville

In May of 2021 I relocated from New Orleans to Jacksonville. I am excited to start a new chapter of my life, and I can’t wait to add your story to it!